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About Jeff Monahan

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Hi, I’m Jeff Monahan, an attorney in Los Angeles.  My clients’ businesses and careers are my top priority in approaching each matter.

I am mindful that every client faces different problems.  I listen carefully to your time constraints, budget, opportunity costs, and risk exposure to develop a plan of action.

I take great care in maintaining close contact with my clients.  I return calls quickly.  Our relationship is key and clear communication is important to me.  I am your partner in business.  I am here to guide you along the way…someone you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

My turn-around time is usually pretty fast.  You can call me anytime.  I actively manage each matter to find a legal solution at a reasonable cost.  I am good at putting myself in your shoes and understanding your perspective.

A common complaint about lawyers is they look for problems and pick fights rather than find solutions. I do things differently. I am a pragmatic and results-oriented attorney. I provide clear and practical advice and help my clients achieve their objectives.

My Credentials

  • Beverly Hills Bar Association, Entertainment Law Section
  • Juris Doctor, Syracuse University College of Law (2014)
  • B.A. Sport Management, University of Michigan (2007)
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Jeff Monahan
Hi there! Give me a call right now if you're free: 734-476-9133.